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 Those conditions explains the terms, rights and obligations of ALREADY10 company (we) and the customers (you) proceeding to an order on the web site.

Before any order, you engage yourself to read those conditions and to accept them entirely. We keep the right to change those terms at any time.

Article 1. Your order

To order on our website you need to be in the legal in France (18), and a private individual. Every products order leeding to professionnal sales is forbidden.

We keep the right to decline orders which seems suspects or to every other legitim reason.

You certify the reliability of the informations sent to us and you will be held responsible for every omission.

In case of wrong, incomplete, information provided, we will not be able to proceed and/or ship your order.

Article 2. Prices

The prices are in euros, inclueding taxes and whitout shipping rates.

The shipping rates can change depending of your location and the service of shipping. The total price is annouce just before the last step of your order.


You can pay your order by Paypal, VIsa, Credit cards, Mastercard.

The payment online is secured.

Regarding to the IT and cyber privacy law published the 6th of january 1978, your personnal intels a crypted and secured during the payment.

Votre commende peut être réglée par Paypal, Carte Bleue, Visa, MasterCard.

Your payment will be finalised only after approbation, in case of reject your order will be automatically cancelled.

Article 4. Shipping

Your order will be shipped in france or every where in the world. You can choose between: 

.Home delivery

.Pick-up station / Post office

The delivery will happen only after acceptation of your payement. 

You will be noticed by e-mail as soon as your order will be shipped.

Article 5. Period of withdrawal

In compliance with the law, you have 14 days, begening at the exact day you receive your order to notice us your wish to withdraw your order at the following email adress without any explanations The products needs to be return in a perfect state in their original package and in the 14 days following the withdraw wish sent  to our services.

The shipping rates returns are on your expense.

We will proceed to the refund of your order regarding of the respect of the conditions explain before.

We keep the right to deduct a part of the refund in case of used or dammaged products.

The products will be sent at the following adress


162 avenue d’Eysines

33200 Bordeaux


Article 6. Garanties

In compliance with the law, all our products are guaranted (article L 211-4 à L 211-13 civil consumption code) and guaranted from the latent defect (article 1641, 1648, 2232  civil consumption ),  allowing you to return every product shipped with an anomaly or un conformed in the following conditions: 

Article L 211-12 consumption code : « The latend defect guarantee is prescripted two years after the delivery of the product.

Article L 211-4 consumption code : " The seller have to ship a product in conformity with the contract, including the packaging."

Article 7. Intellectual property

This website and every element composing it are protected by the law about the intellectual property. Every reproduction by anyway possible, in totality or even a part of the website without authorisation from the legal owner is forbidden. 

ALREADY10  is a registered trademark. Every use of this brand without an official authorisation is forbidden.

Article 8. Private information

The private informations collected during the order on the website are only used in order to prepare and ship your order.

These informations can be transmitted to our partners in charge of the delivery.

In compliance with the law about  "informatics, data files and liberties"  1rst of january 1978 , you have the right to consult, change or delete your personal informations registered in our databases by mailling us at :

Article 9. Contacts

For every question or comments contact us :

- by e-mail :

- postal adress :


162 avenue d’Eysines


Article 10. Law appliance and juridiction

Those conditions are in compliance with the french laws.

In case of a problem couldn't be solved by any amicably solutions, every contention will be submit to the french courthouses.