Will Lennart, our tattoo artist.

     As a highly creative tattoo artist, Will designed all our collections. He has also shared his graphic style by making framed prints available for consumption. Passionate about drawing since his childhood, he was inspired by comics and Manga. Open to every type of art, he has a constant thirst for inspiration. He has also been heavily involved in professional photography since childhood and is fond of video editing.Feeding on all those influences, he evolves his passion by tattoing in a graphic style with original compositions using some comics codes and also classic "old school" thematics. Tattooing is a very personal experience for Will and he mostly appreciates working with his customers on full custom projects. A CrossFit addict, but also a mad fan of pirates tales and Nordic sagas, he designs originals flash tattoos on those topics.

Meet our tattoo artist in his studio at our private studio.

162 avenue d'Eysines

33000 - Bordeaux



Tel : (+33) 6 52 04 46 54

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